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Single male, late 20's, brown hair. Can I have two sentences?


In December of 1977 I was born in beatifully scenic west Texas. Later on I went to high school, college and grad school - all still in Texas. From there I interned for a minor league baseball team, but that was in Tennessee. Once that was done I moved back to Texas, only to run off and backpack around western Europe. But they didn't have good Mexican food OR cold Dr. Pepper, so after two months I came back. Ever since I've worked for a bank, but that's not very interesting. Somewhere in there I made a lot of great friends and figured out how to string a few sentences together. And now I have a blog.


Likes (in no particular order): baseball, Dublin Dr. Pepper, flip flops, Snapple, toffee nut lattes, traveling, writing with a Uni-Ball Vision fine point black pen, good conversation, the first hour of a road trip, authentic music, most Italian food, a healthy dollop of sarcasm, and watching the sunset from my balcony. Dislikes: car payments and trying to cram one's personality into an internet paragraph or two.