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I have to agree with you on "For Love of the Game." Definitely one of the top 5 baseball movies of all-time and #1 for Costner.

Hi David. I've been reading your posts on you site. I have really enjoyed them. I have also realized that I really didn't know you very well at good ole HPU. This post mentioning Reality Bites took me back to my days at Howard Payne. I had a roommate who was obsessed with the movie. My greatest fear in college was portrayed brilliantly by Winona Ryder going from station to station trying to get a job in TV/Radio. The funny thing is that the reality of that was much more harsh than a movie could ever portray! I love the movie and I wish I had a friend like yours who would have called me up and told me that it was on sale for $4.88. I guess sometimes reality does bite!

Keep writing fun and intersting posts. I had no idea you were such a great writer! Fun stuff!

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