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I can't believe you didn't do the stretch I taught you! Yeah, it is all Kelly's fault- believe me I understand! I'm still impressed you did it solo!!!!!

lolllllllllll.....oh my goodness. I (and Christy - who I read this to) were falling out of our chairs at work. I had to read the Phase 1 title about 3 times b/c I was like, "hold up - DBrown ran TEN miles?"

I am going to ignore both of your comments about it all being my fault...I am just concerned for your health and want you both to live long fulfilled lives - why doesn't anyone believe that it's not my intent to torture you??? Meg even faked a back injury so that she didn't have to work out this week. No worries - I'm moving tomorrow and I'll have 100s new victims...uh, I mean potential new friends...who will work out with me.

Regardless - impressed that you were up so early to take a jog!

oh David. You shoulda called me up and I wouldve gone running with you. Maybe not 10 miles but I would be in good for about 5 of them. Although I am opposed to the cold. And I'd rather be at starbucks. Maybe I'm not the best running partner...

Okay you need to be my motivator

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