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Cuz-in-law wants added to the email list. sream@oaoa.com

wonderfully worded my brother...i just got the chance to speak at both our worship services a couple weeks ago and that is exactly the thought that i tried to portray to them...that God loves the me of today, not the me of the future or the me of my greatest ideal...what a great reminder for us all bro...i enjoyed the short talk this weekend...we need to visit more sometime soon. have a good one.

Thank you so much for that little sermon- seriously this spoke to me today. I won't go into a big long story of how I related to it specifically but basically it was nice to be reminded that God does love me- the real, raw, true ME.

Cheers. :-)

How wonderfully reassuring that God's love is not based on our merit, but on His character! Thank you, David.

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