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That. Is. A. Freaking. Fabulous. Story. Good times:)

First, I feel old because in 1995 I was at HPU just finishing one of the worst freshmen years in the history of freshmen years. Second, i love dating gone bad stories because I have a few myself. Third, I too had one song that was replayed over and over as I was dumped by consecutive women. My wife to this day doesn't allow that song on our Itunes. Nice post DB.

I thought I was the only one with a "What happens in Florida stays in Florida" story! freshman year trip....what was I thinking?!

Did you forget your mother reads this & until now thought you still hadn't had your first kiss? I may have to stop in BS tomorrow on my way to Big D & console her.

Tammy is right-I think you got the characters wrong in this story! Hope you, Tammy, Stacey and Larry& Racheal have a good weekend!


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