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For the record, Stacey is plotting revenge but your probably safe unitl you get married. I would suggest giving your car keys to a body guard during that future event.

But back to your mother's overachiever status. She is at physical therapy for her torture treatment as we speak (or write) but she did remarkably well this weekend. That is in part due to the special attention she received from David all weekend. We even snuck some Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate in to her hospital room.

No need to worry about telling folks where other folks are from...

My Great Grandmother always said "Never ask where a man is from. If he is from Texas you will know, and if not... you don't want to embarrass him."

Georgia is still a foreign country.... but not as bad as okrahoma!

On my defense, I did manage to live in Texas for two years between Oklahoma and Georgia. That should get me some brownie points, right??

Back to David's mom, Glad to hear everything went well with your surgery. Great choice on the ice cream flavor.


For every year outside of the state... you need 2 in...

But your name does get you some points..

You spell it wrong... but o well...

: )

I'm ecksited about this saterday two.
yer really really smart friend

Hope your momma is feeling better...I am:) Drugs are our friend...

You didn't keep us very posted on a fun week!


Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for my surgery. Everything is going according to schedule on the rehab-I have a high respect for physical therapists-they can be so nice during your torture seesions!
David was really great to his mom. Take care everyone!

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