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I am so proud of you. Opening Day is almost as good as Christmas. As a matter of fact, if Jesus had been born on opening day it would be as good as Christmas. Waite a minute... if Jesus was born on opening day, it would BE Christmas. I just blew my mind.

How I wish I was going to be at Minute Maid tonight at 6:05pm!!!! If I leave now, I could still make it...

San Antonio is trying to woo the Marlins out of Florida. Here's to the good luck of that. JScott, you blew my mind too bud, and I would like to publicly thank you for the email since I publicly bashed for the lack there of last week.

Now I can get behind getting the Marlins out of Florida!

David... hope you had a blast..

We hosted a fundraiser that was based around a viewing party for the NCAA finals last night... so I did not see a game...

and you know me... I can't watch baseball on TV anyway...

I will be in the stands at TX Motor Speedway this weekend!!


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