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David David David...

I had this conversation in Australia. I live in New Mexico? What's in New Mexico? My family. And lots of dirt and sand. And sometimes Jessica Simpson when she's filming a movie here. Other than that, it's just New Mexico. An odd familiar feeling of home, and I like that...but I always feel like (wait for the Counting Crows reference) "I deserve a little more." And it makes me feel selfish, because I got a pretty good life. An awesome (dysfunctional) family, a nice place to live, a cool car, two great jobs. So, what's missing? Nothing and everything. A feeling that I can be doing so much more, that I need and want to feel more alive. So, from this small novel, what am I trying to say? Don't feel guilty for wanting something more than what you already have. And find what makes you happy and fulfilled, don't be afraid if it's outside the box.

OK, you're a dork, I'm a nerd, so what is Larry?
And following in the family tradition, my son has recently realized that he too is a nerd. But what I am trying to instill in him is that being a nerd is ok. God made each of us special, we can't all be the popular, cool kids.
Anticipation of what is around the corner is what keeps life interesting. Keep up the good work, you are a geat example for my little nerd.

If you've never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame.

inTO the distance?

I know what you mean. Waiting sucks. Anticipation starts to wane but the knowing that God is up to something is exhilirating. Knowing that I get to be apart of it - priceless. I pray that God's presence fills the space of wait, that the tilling of your heart would result in a closer relationship with him as he continues to polish his reflection in you.

you should go buy awake is the new sleep. i don't know that it will help you with any of the waiting and this whole period in your life, but it's ben lee... and you shouldn't go anywhere without him.

Maybe you should come have a visit to my couch? - its always open

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