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Could it be that life is actually more present in the dumpster and not waiting for you to emerge onto the grass?

what simon said. i was going to say something snarky about God not wanting our khakis to stay clean, but your writing here warrants something better than that. alas, i'm too tired to be eloquent so i'll just laugh at the idea of you starting your day in a dumpster. haha. smelly.

~"Other people's stories have always made me feel less crazy. Less empty and alone. Maybe mine can do the same for someone else."

You and I are more alike than you know. I've seen those grimy walls from the inside too. The difference is that I don't particularly like telling my story. I'm glad someone has the courage to do it though.

Two things...
First... it could have been worse... you Starbucks waitress could have walked up as you crawled out....

Second... I know which side the genes came from!


In 'N Out Burger makes everything better. I shall have one on your behalf today.

You're welcome. :)

Well I'm moving to San Diego in 9 weeks time, apparently, for work. You're most welcome to join me, we can be lost in California together. Of course, I'm an infidel, but that will just make our conversations even more interesting.

In my feelings of being alone, I decided I truely was, and that's when whatever faith I had left, left.

This is why I come to read your blog.

Interesting Mr. Brown, very interesting! Sorry you had to go though it alone.

I'm glad you like to share you story. I like to hear it.

When you do make it to California and eat some In N Out and smell the ocean, know that I will be jealous.

Hello! I found you through the plug Autumn gave you on her xanga site. I love my cousin Autumn! :) I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your "adventure" in the dumpster and how it was like a microcosm of the last few years... Thank you for your transparency. I was blessed and encouraged.

I just read this for the second time, and though I haven't taken the time to read everything you've written on this site, it's by far the best of what I have read.

While I'll never know exactly what's in your heart & mind, reading this makes me think I know exactly how you felt. Like the whole human condition isn't unique to me. There's comfort in knowing that someone else has experienced the state of think and read and think and wonder and doubt and think and sit and talk to yourself and wonder if you're crazy on some level and think.

Actually, I think this could get published in a magazine column or e-zine.

Be good.

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