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Thank you David, I just figured out why I am terrible with music. I never can understand the words therefore makes it hard for me to connect. Thats why I have to listen to country. Its slow enough for me to understand the words

This whole thing made me laugh. I know it wasn't supposed to be, but your closing remarks are spectacular.

Must make a couple of observations on this one. First, it is cool that you can have one CG, my story would look more like CG12 or CG35 to distinguish between the way too many girls I dated. Second, I never had a girl offer any kind of motivation or even positive contribution to my life which would probably be why I had CG1 - CG613.5. Third, I don't know much about music, but I do know that I like this song and this artist. Well done DB.

In the interest of FULL diclosure, CG, while being smart, hot, funny...etc., also was a precipitating factor in the destruction of one Jennings closet wall and the demise of a cordless phone.

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