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I'm not sure if you're interested in hearing this opinion, seeing as Im an infidel and all, but I say: Honey, you dont have to "fit into the whole situation". What counts is the here and now, baby! If you are happy, then nothing else matters. Live your life free of all the burdens that sort of mentality confines you to. Be a free spirit, its your life and no one elses. No one has the right to tell you how to spend the time that's been given to you.

The funny part is that I feel the same way. 10 year reunion comes up for me in two years, and Im dreading it, only because...I'm happy with my life, but I don't think that other people will be as impressed.

No kids, no husband, no PhD. When it comes to meausring success, I have nothing. And Im scared of people saying "She had so much potential, and she just gave up". My dreams are my own, they don't translate into real grown up life, and I don't know why that freaks me out.

There's always 15 year reunion:)

Don't miss again. I had a blast and probably didn't even get to see 20% of my good friends. Did I have the same thoughts of potential economic inadequacy? Sure. Were there some people there that are doing better than me? Sure. But there were also the cheerleader types that got knocked up in the summer of '96 and are still single. And there were the guys that still work the same job they had in high school. But I found that mostly, people just didn't care. They were just happy to see each other. The dreaded "awkward silence" really wasn't there. It sounded more like The Chris Farley Show.

Them: "Hey...remember the time that guy tried to jump over that bonfire out at "the pits", but fell in and got burned real bad?"

Me: "Yeah"

Them: "That was awesome".

So, take it from me, who's in the same single-childless-not-particularly-thrilled-with-their-choice-of-career-but-still-making-it boat. Next time, go. You'll be glad you did.

Reading this reminds me of the one thing I forgot to tell you...there were no nametags. Maybe we should request those for the 15, definitely for the 20.

I agree with Luke. I went to my 10 year a few weeks ago and loved it. I didn't feel like people were playing the comparison game. It was genuinely a good time. And you would be surprised at how many people are in the same boat you are. It's all good.

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