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*gives you a big cyber hug*

I find myself in the same position. It is like there is a wall (that I have built) between me & God. I know that talking to Him & going to His house always make me feel better, yet I always find excuses not to do it. Then over time guilt (& embarassment) build & it's even harder to get back in the groove. The crazy thing is, I know better. I've always admired your relationship with God & wished I could feel that comfortable with my own relationship. It is a road that has many twists and turns with hills and dips but it will lead to Him.

David, when I read the poetic cry of your heart weather done in time of distress or not God hears you and is glad you took the time to write it down and didn't take for granted the fact that He knows already. He loves you. No matter what or where you've been. He wants to have a relationship with you. Thats not just cleche comments. It's the truth. He loves us. He wants you right now, just like you are. He is jelous for you, your time, your thoughts. Trun to Him He'll wait your intire life if you make Him. Your Father cries out "don't make me wait, please" I hope this encuraged you.

We sang this song at church tonight for the first time, and as I came looking for the lyrics, I ran across this page. I remember spending a long leg of the journey stuck wondering why I couldn't move faster or farther... and why His voice seemed so clear to other people and never to me. I'd love to hear more about how your journey has come since this post. email me? artsyfartsyweirdo@gmail.com

Hi David,
I'm a sister in Christ and I totally understand your words. Even thought it's not current for you, I feel that way right now and this morning I was sitting in church, watching my family and friends worship God and wondering how I'd ended up so far away and unable to really feel anything. Nothing came out, no words, no tears, nothing. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks because it helps to know other people go through that too. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why He still loves me if my life depended on it... but somehow I'll be holding onto that. Thanks again, and may God bless you beyond measure.

I was looking for the lyrics to this song as well, and ran across this blog. I can completely relate to how you feel (although it has been a while since this blog was posted). I am a senior in high school this year, and my faith has always been strong. But as I have been going to school, going to track practice, and then rushing to an afterschool job, I find it hard to make time for God like I used to. It kills me how I can lay in bed at night and not have any words to say to the Maker of the universe and the Hero of my life.

Thank you for your words. Feel free to contact me at kfish17@gmail.com

Hi David,

I was searching for the lyrics to the song you posted when I came across your letter. I just wanted to say that through Christ I love you and I hope you are well. You are in my prayers.


I have honestly never read anything so truthful besides his own word. i thank you for giving not only yourself support, but many others that are in hope of finding that position. i am of young age, but i wanteed to let you know, this is some thing that is going to give me more security that everything is going to be quite alright. thank you.

We sang this song in Youth tonight, I loved it and was touched deeply by God, Reminded of His love for me even after all the mistakes I have made. Mr. McMillian, you have reached and will reach many teenagers and others through this song. Thank you.

I find myself in your situation much too often and then I feel guilty and I know that guilt and condemnation are from Satan but I still find it extremely difficult to get back to God. how did you get over this hurdle?

i was actually searching for the song, and
then i discovered this, i was about to sign offline, but i decided i would read it,


im so glad i did read it,
i actually get what you mean, and your words illustrate what i couldnt,
and i guess you are gunna read this thinking, how can i truly know that she is actually going through the same... but i guess i cant convince you, and i dont want to really
i dont really have any words of advice for you, cuz im kinda in the same spot, although, i know i shouldnt be, and i guess that i just wanted to thank you for being so honest about the way you are feeling cuz iknow that i would never say that in church for fear of being called a heretic or something else. but i guess, we are all brothers and sisters in christ (although we dont act like it sometimes) and we are here for eachother, cuz we are family,
and we know that it doesnt matter what we are feeling God loves us all the same and he is waiting for us.
and i guess we just have to dragg our hearts to the throne room of God, and say.. i dont want this, i want rattled cages, i want blood boiling, and i want You to be the lightning in me to strike relentless.

thats all i can think of.
(sorry for writing all this, just needed to really i think - but thankyou x)

hi i read your letter to God..i know exactly how you feel..but just hang in there and just know that you are not alone..

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I was looking up the lyrics of this song and came to this blog. I don't usually make comments yet feel compelled to let you know (if I can find the words)how much this song has touched me. As one who grew up in a Christian home, accepted Jesus at about 7 yrs old, attended church regularly, went to a Christian school and college, I heard about God's love for me ALL the time. And yet I can't say I truly experienced it. But a month or so ago I heard this song on the radio and the words spoke so powerfully to what I was beginning to experience. Recently I feel like that tree you describe in this song. It's (God's love) so overwhelming at times it makes me cry.
Abba, your love has touched me and is changing me. I want more! The only way I can think to love you in return is to let that love spill out on everyone I contact. Thank you for inspiring David to write this song and share it; using it to touch and encourage many others like myself. Amen

Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

Whoa. Just.... whoa. This song has been stuck in my head since it came on K-Love early yesterday, and I was beginning to feel like God was trying to tell me or get me to notice something through it. Running across this explanation of my feelings in someone else's words tied to this song is kinda a God-incidence. This is pretty much how I've been feeling for awhile. I know I believe in God, I know I love Him and He loves me, but for awhile I've just felt no... pull, or real-ness in what I've been doing, like everyone else in my youth group and my church for that matter was getting or understanding or experiencing something that was just flying over my head. Maybe now that I have words to the feelings, I can talk to God about changing things up. Thanks, and God bless.

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