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Im sorta glad youre a boy. The spikey hair, dave bryson look alike comments might be a little insulting if youre a girl.

Any thoughts on "shake this static everytime I try to sleep" means?

I always thought that he meant that if Elisabeth had believed him, he would be able to sleep at night. But her unbelieving (non-believing?) was breaking his heart, and he was out on the road so he couldn't do much about the tour schedule anyways.

i have a thought on the "shake this static everytime i try to sleep" line.

i think it's like when you are alone, laying in bed, in a zone, etc, and you mind wanders off thinking about all these things that you should have done. you replay parts of life over and over trying to figure out what happened.

Funny, I just thought he should use dryer sheets when he washes his bed sheets. Personaly, I hate static cling.

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