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look at you - blogging a dead horse...

(worst. pun. ever.)

Wow, so good to hear someone else liked Elizabethtown. I can't believe how many people didn't like it. I bought a copy over Christmas break and definitely dig the movie.

Btw - I noticed you have Guster on your music section. I must say, their album 'Lost and Gone Forever' is hands down their best so check that one out when you get a chance.

I loved Elizabethtown!! So much more than just a romantic comedy. So good.

Good choice on the movies by the way.


I just put the third of 5 parts about Counting Crows up on my blog.

Found you through Google blog search because you mentioned the band.

Check it out:


I loved Elizabeth town. Even though it's still relatively new, it's one of my all-time favs. Cameron Crowe makes excellent movies.

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