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Dear David,
You really should hang out with your friends on "Lost" night. While perhaps not as visually appealing as your keyboard, we do provide more interaction.

Dear David,
You make OCD (actually CDO is prefered - alphabetic order) sound like a bad thing.

Dear David,
I heart BUST A MOVE like no other. "Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry. In five days from now he's gonna marry. He's hopin you can make it there, if you can in the ceremony you'll be the best man." I could write out the whole song here, but I won't.

I like everything else you said too, but anything that starts with "Dear Young MC" is quality in my book.

March needs to hurry not just because February is "blah" but because it is the Season of The Madness.

Dear David,

If I ever came across someone who didn't like "Bust A Move," I may very well cut a bitch.

Dear Eddie Murphy,

What David said. Also, forward his letter to that Tyler Perry fellow.

Those Of Us With Eyes

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