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Don't do it! Don't give in! Resist the temptation!

Read the books. They're great. But never, for a second, think that 325 million people can't be wrong. Of course they can; it just depends on which 325 million you're talking about. Remember that fifty percent of the human population has a below average IQ. That's over 3 Billion mouth-breathers. When I realized that, it changed my life.

if you want any of the books, let me know I can send them your way. I even have the English version of the first book. Its titled "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone"...did that impress you? It should

I have them all. You can borrow mine if you don't want to make Alicia mail them to you. They're great.

you can't be serious. you're turning into one of them now.

Yet another catalog of entertainment minutiae (or useless information as some people call it) to add to your discussion repertoire.

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