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You summed it up well, that one will definitely be hard to top.

Geez, that would have been a nice birthday present, to go to a CC concert. Guess you forgot that they're my favorite band, too :(

Glad you had fun :)

Nice. I'm so glad you wrote out such a detailed post because with my memory, it'd all be gone in a week or so. Ha!

And, little correction...I have, indeed, seen Counting Crows once before.

Also...I'll be sending you all the photos soon. Well, some of them to start with because it would take me AGES to email them all to you. But, when you're out next, I'll hand over a CD with all of them.

Thanks again for such a great night! Your recap is perfect and Amy's pics are amazing! What a great night!

Good times. Hey, "Long December" would make it on my favorite songs of the '90's list. Does that mean I get to join the club? :~D

To quote that old barber from Coming to America... "ef you, ef you , ef you. Who's next"

Only he didn't say "ef." He said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word!

Look at that two movie references in one comment.

As much as I love you guys, I kind of hate you right now.

Amazing recap David...you captured it all. There's a reason that you can see them over and over again, and you summed it up perfectly. I'm glad they put on an amazing show, you guys deserved nothing but the best!

perfect summary of a show davidfriend. i'm a bit jealous right now.

I'm sure the one thing everyone is wondering, did Amy ever hit the atmosphere??? My favorite all time band, too, and I'm waiting and hoping for the next time they're live out here. Five time's I've seen them, but its been almost two years now. I was parked under the venue that I saw them at last time the last couple of days, and it brought back memories.

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