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C'mon, that semester you were rooming with that douche bag... 4 months later I moved (back) in. THAT was the best semester, and also the semester that the trespassing/breaking and entering began.

By the way, my friends church IS in Mishawaka. http://www.rivervalley.cc Check it out. Knowing him its probably a pretty good church. He's the senior pastor. His name is Rick Callahan. Tell him you know me and he'll probably kick you in the nuts. Just kidding, he might ask you to have lunch though.

No Kidding. Our Soph year was incredible. We did miss Norwood. But that was the start of a great year. PHAT SLOBS 4 LIFE!!!! I still wear that top 10 reasons to be a phat slob t-shirt you gave us. Well I mow in it, but still I think of the crew when I put it on.

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