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Oh oh! Two of my favorites lately have been

Ting Ting's "Shut up and Let Me Go"
Ray LaMontagne's "You Are The Best Thing".

The headline is from:

Interstate Love Song - STP - Purple - 1994

Still one of my favorites.

Oops, apparently the highly anticipated Road Trip Soundtrack was deleted in anger after a certain break-up with a certain boy (who will remain nameless) who helped me make the soundtrack (oops!). So instead I'll suggest my current favorites: Matthew West's entire "Happy" CD, Jack Ingram's "Barbie Doll" and the Judds "Give a Little Love," because who doesn't LOVE the Judds?!

I give unto you:
The Eternal repeat playlist!
20th Century Boy, Def Leppard
Alcohol, Barenaked Ladies
American Idiot, Green Day
Ants Marching, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
Bull In A China Shop, Barenaked Ladies
Call And Answer, Barenaked Ladies
Civil Twilight, The Weakerthans
Closing Time, Leonard Cohen
Consequence Free, Great Big Sea
Dance Me To The End Of Love [Live], Leonard Cohen
Everything Had Changed, Barenaked Ladies
Fidelity, Regina Spektor
Foundations, Kate Nash
Get In Line, Barenaked Ladies
Hang On, Guster
Hanging On The Telephone, Blondie
Hell, Squirrel Nut Zippers
Here Come The Chimebell Trains, Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle
Hotel Song, Regina Spektor
Humor Of The Situation, Barenaked Ladies
I Can't Drive 55, Sammy Hagar
I Can't Take It (Live), Cheap Trick
I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today, Guster
I Live With It Every Day, Barenaked Ladies
I Love You, You Imbecile, Pelle Carlberg
I Want You To Want Me (Live), Cheap Trick
Jealousy, Liz Phair
Joe Strummer, Cowboy Mouth
Just A Girl, No Doubt
Keep It Together, Guster
Manifest Destiny, Guster
Maybe Not, Barenaked Ladies
Next Time, Barenaked Ladies
On The Radio, Regina Spektor
Running Out Of Ink, Barenaked Ladies
Semi-Charmed Life, Third Eye Blind
Sly, The Cat Empire
Smooth, Santana Feat. Rob Thomas
So Young, So Wrong, So Long, Vanity Project
Sound Of Your Voice, Barenaked Ladies
St. Jimmy, Green Day
Still Fighting It, Ben Folds
Strapped For Cash, Fountains Of Wayne
Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall
Sun In An Empty Room, The Weakerthans
Surrender, Cheap Trick
Take This Waltz, Leonard Cohen
The Boxer, Carbon Leaf
The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll, Def Leppard
The Hardest Part, Blondie
This Is Where It Ends, Barenaked Ladies
This Much Fun, Cowboy Mouth
Tower Of Song, Leonard Cohen
Upside Down, Barenaked Ladies
Walkin' On The Sun, Smash Mouth
War on Drugs, Barenaked Ladies
Who Did You Think I Was, John Mayer Trio
Wind It Up, Barenaked Ladies

My all-time, #1 driving song: The Band's "The Weight". Two of my other staples are The Polyphonic Spree's "Light & Day", and The Gathering Field's "Lost in America". And David Gray is great evening-driving music, White Ladder is my favorite.

I have lots for you...and I even have a driving mix somewhere...I'll have to find it and email you the list. You should be totally stoked. About your drive, not my list, although yes, I know, my list is super exciting :P

A few because I just heard them and haven't emailed you yet:

Will I Ever Make it Home-Ingram Hill
Home-Michael Buble'

and just for fun because I like it
'39-Ingram Hill

Since the move and the lack of internet (we just got it installed at the new house yesterday) I've been WAY behind in my blog reading. And since I know you're already on the road any songs I would add are useless at this point. But I just had to say this: I'm not sure I can be friends with anyone who says they are stopping "for some delicious barbecue in Memphis." That crap in Tennessee can't even be considered barbecue. You need to get back to Texas ASAP.

"You need to get back to Texas ASAP."

This one speaks truth. You've been in Yankeeland too long.

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