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You know, I thought about texting you but then was all, Nah...it's probably hard enough to come out of the closet on facebook...I'll leave him be. Ha ha ha.

And PS-I'm sure we talked at some point about how facebook is far superior to myspace. If we didn't, sorry. My bad.

so imagine this. I'm texting you. Doug thinks Im texting my mom (because apparently she just arrived in the 21st century). Once I said I wasn't texting mom, the conversation went like this:

Doug: Who are you texting?
Me: David
Doug: Oh and how's David?
Me: Gay
Doug: Really?
Me: No. Just on facebook.

Anyway congratulations on going back in the closet and what not.

Sorry, man. I've known for a while that it was superior. It killed my myspace habit months ago.

times like this I wonder when my life turned into an episode of Friends...

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