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Welcome to the world of running insanity. It's not that bad, except for the wanting to throw up part, and the part where you realize that you would rather be doing anything except for running. But the rest is really good.

The boredom is the worst for me too. It takes a long time to run 10 miles (for me).

It amuses me how far we've come as a civilisation...used to be that people would keep fit doing their work, and go home and relax at night. Then we discovered technology, and labour saving devices, and thought "yeehar - now I don't have to work as hard!" So we started working at desks and inside all the time and discovered our waistlines bulging and our skin going a pallid shade of grey. So now we've created this thing called 'exercise', where we go to work all day and then do some hard physical work on top of our work. As Wendell Berry says, this "takes one elegant solution and turns it into two problems." And we're supposedly the smart, civilised ones? :D

Forget those hippies that are running 10+ miles. Screw that. 3.1 miles is far enough for any sane person. Actually, maybe you should take up sprinting. I mean, if a bear or a zombie is chasing you, you don't need to run a half-marathon to get away, you only have to be faster than ONE other person for a short distance.

Luke has a good point...

Ha! Curt is the FARTHEST thing from a hippie. But, yes, Luke makes a good case for sprinting.

Personally, I see no need for any running of any sort. :)

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