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Want my opinion, DB? You need to get back in church. It will renew your hope, give you an avenue to serve and to grow, and help you get some cool friends in Houston.
--But that's just coming from a girl who has been in your shoes... okay, mine may have been high heels, but whatever.

Don't pretend you haven't worn high heels David.

I think I have some idea of what you mean. Is this abundant life (Jn 10:10)? Is this what it means to follow the guy who was forever in trouble and ended up getting murdered for the way he lived? Is this all there is to it?

I don't know if church will help that - depending on the church of course. Most churches I know are no different to the rest of the culture (except they sing and pretend to be happy and nice).

I reckon Ched Myers names our condition as First World Christians better than anyone. If you're interested, try 'Say to This Mountain'.

And don't be ashamed of those high heels. They look great on you.

I agree w/ Bethe. You need to get out and get involved again. How is the running going?

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